When we first see a vehicle we take the time to talk to the owner about how the car is usually driven, what the average mileage is and what parts were changed on it’s last service. we do this because it helps us decide the sort of servicing regime to adopt for the vehicle which allows us to create a servicing strategy that optimizes value for money year after year.

Types of Services we offer

The Full Car-Tec Gold Service

This is a very intense service where we aim to ensure that no element of your car is overlooked. By default all service parts are changed regardless of when any were last replaced. This service is a two and a half hour procedure of parts changing, checking and inspecting. We normally carry out this service on unknown vehicles in order to offer optimized servicing in future.

Optimized Service

This Full Service still includes all the checking and inspecting included in our Gold Service but only the service parts deemed to be unserviceable are replaced. This two hour service is useful for customers who like to have an even yearly servicing cost.

The Bear Essentials

Servicing on a budget? Then this could be for you. This hour and a half budget service has an oil and filter change, without flush, at it’s core with all lights and levels checked. Wheels are not removed on this service so brakes are only checked as much as possible through the wheels.

Custom Service

This type of service is to allow customers to be specific about which things are done, changed or inspected. We are happy to service your car to your own service schedule charged at our standard labour rate.

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